What is a Seedbox and the Benefits of Using one

What is a seedbox?

Let’s get straight to the question, what is a seedbox? Well, users of the torrent community commonly use the term seedbox to refer to a dedicated server that increases upload of trackers at a high-speed datacenter. It normally allows for quick upload and download (at the rate of 10Mb/s to 1000Mb/s) of data and files via a peer to peer (P2P) network.

With a seedbox, users are able to obtain fast speeds that give high ratios on torrents.


Benefits of using a seedbox

  1. Speed

The most common benefit that you get from using a seedbox is speed. With speeds ranging from 10Mb/s up to 1Gbps, they are undoubtedly the fastest around. The internet that is available to your house will seem like a snail when compared to it. As soon as you set up the machine, just relax and see how things go.

You will realize that torrent files are easily finished within minimal times. For instance, you will be able to download an operating system in seconds and an HD movie in minutes. Actually, you will download gigabytes files within minutes without facing hurdles. And of course, the upload speed is also super-fast and amazing.

  1. Downloading

Torrents usually download at a fast, amazing speed. For instance, a full download DVD-Rs in just 15 minutes while a 700MB DVDRiPs in less than 3 minutes. Starters also experience the same with upload speed.

  1. Uploading

Seeding is what concerns Serious torrenters more than downloading. To maintain a healthy seeding membership, you will require good ratios; otherwise, the account might wither and be washed away. Fortunately, using any seedbox, it is easy to get a 1:1 ratio on the torrent just within minutes. In some circumstances, it is usually common to find popular torrents get 10:1 ratio within the first hour.


With the box, you will not have to seed for weeks to stay on your private tracker. It allows you to delete and replace old with fresher torrents. Users usually prefer setting up a seedbox since there are no upload limitations, unlike home Internet accounts which experience slower upload rates.

  1. Safety and security

There is a guarantee of high-end safety and security if you use a seedbox. You will not require to use any bit torrent clients on your home PCs. The worry that MPAA or RIAA will be spying on you will be over. Your ISP will no longer issue you with DMCAA notices or any warning letters.

Acquire a seedbox that will provide you 100% security when using. It is a safe and private way of uploading files due to the high-end security it offers.

  1. Prohibits Peer-to-peer traffic

There are several places where it is prohibited to download files on a peer to peer traffic. Such include at a workplace, school or even at a home where the ISP is blocked for this activity. But, with a seedbox, it won’t matter. You will easily download files that you can use at a later time. Using its web browser-based management application, you will remotely and conveniently download files and later, through an HTTP or FTP, load to your home computer. All this is possible without facing any ISP ‘throttling’ headaches.

  1. Convenient Streaming of Video Files

In terms of hosting media files, a seedbox does it well. But, you find Plex or KODI pre-installed in some Seedboxes. These applications turn your Seedbox into a media center. In that way, you can sort your favorite audio and video content from various libraries and directly stream them via a web browser on your Seedbox. Therefore, instead of opening a private account, you can directly stream a new movie or series comfortably.

  1. Run operations 24/7

When you try to download files throughout the day even using a high-quality computer, you will eventually clog the bandwidth. However, with a seedbox, you can run operations 24/7 without shutting down anything as it has robust hardware capable of withstanding all such challenges. You will enjoy uploading or downloading files/ torrents all day long without worrying about your connection speed.

  1. Cheap storage

As seedbox companies continue to expand their storage capabilities, more space to store files is found. It means that you will save a lot of storage space on the local machine when you use a seedbox. You will just download the files you need straight to your seedbox and use them later. Likewise, the files that you need to remotely backup can be uploaded to the seedbox.

  1. Good ratio

A private tracker is well familiar with the term ratio as it the standard that determines the retention of an account. A member who does not meet the recommended target ratio is usually kicked out. Seedboxes do a good job in maintaining the ratio through seeding torrents regularly. You will effortlessly download and upload files through the use of a private tracker.

  1. It is cool

A home connection usually limits you from doing much. However, with a seedbox, you enjoy unstoppable high speeds. If you need to download a cool movie series or game file and even to seed files, a seedbox comes in handy. So, get yourself a seed box and see what I mean. I promise that the feeling is great!

Anyone who needs to download and upload content needs to acquire a seedbox. It safely bypasses ISP traffic and allows for the high-speed transmission of data. And, the best part is that you can use it on a computer with any kind of operating system, whether Windows, Linux or Mac.

Top Seedbox Providers

Some of the highly recommended seedbox, owing to the fact that they have gained numerous positive feedback in torrent forums, include the following:

  1. Seedbox.io: based on various high-grade carriers, it can offer stable connectivity. Whether you are an experienced client or a beginner, you will find it suitable.
  2. RapidSeedbox: after having deployed over 20,300 seedboxes, it is perhaps the oldest provider around. It offers a friendly 24/7 support with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  3. DediSeedbox: amongst the best Seedbox providers that are compatible with Plex. It claims to have capable servers that can provide up to 3TB/s bandwidth.

Other best seed boxes on the market include:

  • Super-seed.me.uk
  • SeedBoxHosting.co.uk
  • XoHost.co.uk
  • Savvyseed.net
  • Bytesized-hosting.com
  • leasetorrent.com
  • Santrex.net
  • xirvik.com
  • SeedUnlimited.com


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