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Computers are one of the most significant innovations in the history. Learn how computers and technology have changed businesses and workplaces globally 


Computers are perhaps one of the most significant innovations in the history of human beings. Needless to say, computers themselves have a long history as well. In fact, they have undergone several phases of radical changes, refinement, and now they are remarkable pieces of technology, which directly affects our lives in various dimensions and the way we do business.

Undoubtedly, significant and radical changes in business and workplace in the 21st century are because of new and advanced computer technologies. Indeed, in the previous generations, technological innovations, inventions, and improvements were introduced every week. As I project, this trend seems to be continuing even in the next generations. Nevertheless, let’s look at the impact of computers and technology in business and workplace in the current world.

Technology and globalization


Computers and technology have a significant impact on globalization, and it has enabled companies and businesses of all sizes to carry out business with customers from across the world. Did you know that nowadays companies could establish satellite offices practically anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection? Therefore, with computers and technology, you can order a product at anywhere anytime and expect to receive it the following day!


new technology changes our thinking


Workplace rules have changed


Gone are days when you need to work physically from an office. Indeed, nowadays, computers and technology have made it possible for workers to work from virtual offices, telecommunicate, and even communicate with individuals and businesses across the world. Inherently, work schedules have become flexible just because an employee at home can accomplish many responsibilities and duties or even while traveling. In fact, currently, virtual managers working remotely, even from different countries, are becoming very common.

Careers related to computers and technology


Careers in Computers and information technology are growing rapidly. Needless to say, the work of designing, developing, building, maintain, and even integrating complex computer systems continues to have become one of the ever-growing corners of job markets. Students in universities, colleges, and technical institutions of learning seeking careers in computer and technology world are more likely to be recruited upon graduation.

Computer technology and security


For steady business growth, security is one of the critical components. Indeed, everyone can attest the fact that the world is a lot safer in the 21st century than in the previous centuries, thanks to computers. Typically, computer technology has significantly improved security systems. Nowadays, due to efficient alert systems and better communication, law enforcement agencies are in a better position to faster to emergencies. Businesses, streets, and homes are a lot safer, and with advanced technological devices such as closed circuit televisions, crimes in the society have reduced.

The world of computers and technology has become an important aspect of human life and has significantly improved traditional methods of doing business. Workplaces are now revitalized, and we are talking about efficiency, better office services, a global market for company products, and of course, higher profits to business.


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