Good ways to avoid Web Security Attacks

web security

Unfortunately, computers are prone to security risks, but fortunately they’re means to avoid such attacks.


In my previous blog post, I extensively talked about computers & technology and of course, how they have helped people achieve better and easier life. Nevertheless, for computers to be effective, a set of programs have to be compiled for the hardware to execute. Quite often, we have been building websites for different functions.

Indeed, successful businesses have one of the best websites around. However, some malicious individuals have decided to come up with another computer program that attacks websites and renders them useless. It is more probable that you have heard of hacked sites, which lead to lost data, security flaws, lost revenue, lost customers, loss of trust, and much more. The effect of such attacks is endless and a complete nightmare. This is where web security comes in!

If you think of the consequences of attacked website, it is reasonable that it can send a shiver down individual’s spine. If not scary, then it is very daunting to learn that your site has been attacked. It is more severe if the website in question is dealing with sensitive information such as customer’s financial data, personal details, and much more. However, if this has been your concern, then this blog aims to bring a clear picture of what you should do to avoid web security attacks.


website security


Web security is considered as one of the widest fields of the world computer technologies. Some of the aspects it encompasses include, but not limited to, spyware, protection from viruses, key-loggers, mail spam, adware, spoofing, social engineering attacks that forces users to make irrational decisions, malicious tracking cookies, fraudulent websites, computer hacks, phishing attacks, and much more. Therefore, it is clear that the importance of web security cannot be overlooked. Indeed, an attack by a computer virus can make your home/office computer inoperable, or you may end up losing valuable data that can never be recovered. Overall, these attacks cause a lot of harm; and ways to avoid them are inevitable, which include the following:

Install web security software


One of the means to prevent web security attacks is protecting your computer using commercially or free anti-attack products available. Typically, well-known web threats are viruses and spread through local networks and removable media. Fortunately, there’re several anti-virus solutions from different vendors that help detect such malware and remove them completely.


increase web security


Have a firewall and program checker


Another great piece of software that protects your computer from web security attacks is a Firewall & Program Checker combination. Indeed, a firewall check data and information received or sent by your personal computer from the internet. The Program Checker component checks or authorizes applications or web programs that access the internet. In the end, your computer is safe since the firewall cuts entrance of web security attacks.

Other important ways to keep your website safe


Besides the above, they are other incredible ways to web attacks, and it includes the following:

• Use anti-spam filters, phishing filters, and ad-blockers
• Do not visit untrusted sites
• Always keep your computer offline, unless it is necessary
• Do not open emails from untrusted sources

Undoubtedly, if you follow the steps mentioned above to the latter, your computer and websites will be free from web security attacks. However, it is worth mentioning that there is no computer is that 100 percent secured since hackers and malware developers always come up with ingenious ways of harming your PC. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you always back up your data.


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