Basics of computers and technology you did not know

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Nowadays, computers and technology is the backbone of life, but do you know its basics?

In my previous blog post, I extensively covered about the evolution of computers and technology we are talking about today but did not tell you what exactly a computer is. Apparently, there are many people out there using the above device, but surprisingly, they just know it as a computer. Period! However, in this blog post, I am unveiling some interesting topics about the basics of computer and technology you never knew, or you just overlooked. Take a look!


What is a computer?


As I explained in the previous blog post, a computer was originally designed to function as a ‘computing’ machine, hence the term computer. Nevertheless, a computer is any electronic device, usually digital, and that manipulates data or information. It has the ability and capacity to store and retrieve as well as to process data. It is more probable that you have been using your computer to type documents, play online games, browse the internet, send email, and so on. It computes all sorts of data and makes life easier.

For a computer to be operational, it has two building blocks, the software, and hardware. Typically, the physical structure of a computer is usually referred to as the hardware and includes parts such as a mouse, keyboard, screen, input & out output devices, computer’s internal parts, and so on. On the other hand, the computer’s software is that set of computer instructions that tell the hardware what to do as well as how to do it. There are tens and hundreds of computer software, which include word processors, web browsers, and much more. Indeed, a computer relies entirely on both software and hardware.


different types of computers



Different types of Computers commonly available today


As we all know, computers evolved long time ago, and the first digital computer came into being in the 1960s. During this period, it was extremely expensive, and few people could afford to buy, but that since chance with the introduction of ICs.

Nowadays, computers are highly affordable; but did you know they’re different types of computers available. Apparently, when people hear the word computer, they think we are just talking of personal computers such as laptops or desktops. Nevertheless, computers are available in many different sizes and shapes, and design to perform various functions.


Below are some of the typical types of computers: computer networking

1. Laptop Computers

It is a battery-powered personal computer, which allows users to move around and use them almost anywhere.

2. Desktop computers

It is another type of personal computer used at home, work or at school. They are designed to be placed on a top of a desk and made up of a few hardware components, including monitor, mouse, keyboard, and computer case.

3. Tablet Computers

They are handheld computers and are even more portable than laptops. It uses a touch-sensitive screen for navigation and typing instead of a physical mouse and keyboard.

4. Other types of computers

It is worth nothing that many electronics we have today are actually specialised computers. These include smartphones, televisions, ATMs, servers, calculators, and much more.

Computers and technology are everywhere, and they have become part of our life. Now that you are familiar with computer basics, you will tend to appreciate its impact on our daily lives.


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